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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


While discussing possibly forming a craft sale a friend asked what kind of craft I'd be interested in contributing if I wanted to participate. It made me think about my relationship with crafting. I used to make things on a regular basis. More recently what has become incongruent with crafting is my preference for simplicity, values outside of materialism and the idea of the environmental impact created by the creative process. These are notions for myself. I'm encouraging of others' craft pursuits and I really appreciate creativity. Whatever I'd choose it would have to be low impact in terms of the environment and transformational in the inner sense, even in a small way &/or something to be put to good use one way or another.

In looking around on the Pinterest I stumbled on terrariums. The craft seems environmentally harmless enough. I used to keep one as a kid. It was in a big glass container shaped like a mushroom. Very 70's!

In current times the instructions for making one are different than the old days. From what I found on several websites the mainstream process instructs the purchasing of everything from a store: pebbles, charcoal, moss, soil, plants, figurines. Entire kits are also available. The only things suggested as re-use from around home are the glass containers.

Time will tell how successful my little terrarium will be but I did it the old fashioned way: I went outside and hunted.  I picked up pebbles, sorted and rinsed them. Next I scooped up some garden soil amended over the years using my own compost. I selected charcoal pieces from my woodstove ash discard pile. Then I dug up moss and little plants while walking around on a drizzly day. Shells were already in the house waiting for a purpose.

What is interesting to me, especially after a weekend of weeding, is to see these little plants taking on a new purpose in the micro-universe that is the terrarium. In my yard they are weeds. Here they are part of a little world with roots going into what used to be coffee grounds, fruit peels and vegetable cuttings. The system is also supported by the remnants of the wood that heated my house over the winter. What fun an old pickle jar and a bunch of weeds can be!

As for the craft sale, it may or may not happen anyway. I may or may not move in the direction of participating. What matters is the idea led to another idea which led to creating something new, as small as it may be.

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