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Monday, June 8, 2015

Monoprints That Took A Turn

A few weeks ago I made monoprints. It being a day with nice weather I spread drop cloths out on the deck. I apply paint to a large piece of Plexiglass and stamp the color to various pieces of paper or canvas. It's a way to approach art without preconceived vision. Often there's a direction to take when you step back and see what you see. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case I soon decided the colors were not right and the prints were mostly just a mess. I set aside the papers to use in collage at some point. What I did find was the look of sunlight streaming through the Plexiglass and photographed them.

Sigils & the Subconscious

As a way to weave affirmation into the subconscious I've been exploring sigils. Creating a sigil is a way of taking a statement of intent, pairing down the number of letters by eliminating duplicates, adopting a different alphabet and artfully writing the letters in such a way that it doesn't look like a word but a design. There are more than a few approaches to creating sigils. When I do them (& just about anything) there's a sense of play yet a tone of serious intent too. After they hang for a while I often cannot consciously remember the exact meaning of the chosen phrase which is the point: the subconscious knows and is absorbing the affirmation without the conscious mind needing to know, analyze, or judge.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Did hypnosis solve my glaucoma problem?

In 2013 an opthamologist started to monitor my eyes as "glaucoma suspect". His only recommendation was for me to cease taking decongestants (so as to avoid the added pressure those over the counter medications can cause) and to come back about 2 times per year to establish a firmer diagnosis. I complied with all. Subsequent visits showed the same slightly higher above normal pressure...

... until the last one!

Following a lot of drops, poking, prodding and high-tech measuring I noticed the opthamologist and his assistant were seemingly perplexed as they reviewed results on the computer screen. There was no sign of pressure anymore. Everything was within normal limits. He had no explanation except maybe the equipment failed during the last visits. He also said something to the effect that "glaucoma just doesn't go away..."

It wasn't until I was driving home from this eye exam that I remembered a specific phrase in one of the custom hypnosis recordings a therapist made for me. First he'd do intake about what was going on in my inner and outer life. Then the therapist would lead hypnosis while recording it for me to listen to as homework. On one of these recordings he included phrases about "pressure is reduced in your life, pressure is reduced in your eyes". I listened to these recordings a few times during the week. But the recording with the "reduce the pressure in your eyes" statement was one of many. It was only 1 sentence heard only occasionally. Apparently it was enough to filter into my subconscious. Never for one minute did my conscious mind think the glaucoma problem would disappear.

Since this non-scientific but certainly very cool result I've started to write my own self-hypnosis scripts on other subjects and make recordings. Listening to my own voice took some getting used to but it's fine now. Next month I'm taking an eGroup with Henry Reed through Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

Deepak Chopra recently stated in an interview that most skeptics out there don't take their skepticism far enough. I'm on the skeptical side, often stating I'm skeptical of my skepticism. I do however believe in practice. Try something, see what happens. Look what happened to me. I don't have to go to the eye doctor for another year.

A short clip of Deepak Chopra's interview:


June 14, 2015:
In a conversation with someone with whom I'm only slightly familiar I shared the above experience. After stating I haven't shared it with the opthamologist because he may not believe it she: suggested he's not the right doctor for me, sited a study about the power of a physician's opinion over a patient's healing, his possible non-acceptance will likely risk this healing experience and I should find someone else. I gave it some thought on the ride home and soon determined no, he is the right doctor for me. I like him, he's a good diagnostician and that's what I want from him. I have no intention of turning over power to him. Her words were potentially more disempowering than my doubt in his possible inability to believe in the power of hypnosis. She probably meant well but she doesn't know me at all or enough to understand how I operate. This is one more confirmation to no longer give unwanted advice. I read a bumper sticker recently: Silent and Listen share the same letters.

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Meditation Garden

The visitors center reflecting in the pond.

Little bamboo forest.

4 LOVE beads in front of the waterfall.

A set of runes I made scattered on a tree stump.  

Cherry Blossoms at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in front of the "old hospital"

Labyrinth At Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

I live a mile and a half from the headquarters dedicated to the work of the well-known mystic Edgar Cayce. There's a labyrinth up on the hill in front of "the old hospital" with a view of the ocean in the distance. The pattern is a replica of the Chartes Cathedral Labyrinth in France except this one has 2 dolphins in the center, as seen in the top photo. It's a treasure to have this meditation tool in my neighborhood.

Pollen In A Puddle