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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Little More About Yoga In The Woods

I've written previously about woods yoga. Below are additional thoughts.  
The idea to have class in the park began in 2006.  A friend and I walked the trails discussing Richard Louv's Last Child In The Woods.  We made the connection between his thesis and yoga.  Within the month a class built momentum.  Since then we've experienced yoga in the natural environment which includes all kinds of weather and happenings.  A feisty house cat has joined us in recent classes.  Dragonflies land on uplifted fingers.  The breeze picks up at interesting moments.  The sun shines between clouds.  The sun and clouds can bring relief depending on the season.  We've discovered, unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, we do not melt in light rain.  There are days of misty rain and if you bend your mind a bit, you discover you're practicing within a cloud.  We've learned the ants prefer bread crumbs over our us but only one of us remembers to actually bring the bread crumbs.  As for the sand, some don't mind it at all while others spread a big sheet on the ground to keep clear of it.  Our meeting place is adjacent to a military base so the sound of artillery is something we've heard.  A Naval Air Station is 10 miles south so the jets fly close enough to give us the lesson on "all inclusive experience" but the noise isn't too much.  In essence, we're not insulated or sheltered in a climate controlled space. 
Our culture is blessed with the bounties of prosperity. People residing within cities and those who rely upon every modern convenience are sometimes disconnected with nature.  This can extend to the relationship with their own physical form.  Like many, I learn balance from experience with nature and find great treasures in environments unshaped by humans.   Feelings and insights can be gained.   I see the body as both a portable concentration tool and nature experience: a landscape of sites, sounds and sensation to explore. Eckhart Tolle and other great teachers say there is only life in the Now. The body and breath can be a very useful portal into the experience of presence. Nourishing breath, postures, practices and movements provide a structure for reconnection.  Each practice session is like a ceremony of reconnection with not only the Self but the Self and nature.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Managing Health

Managing health is an act of responsibility. There are rewards to making the best choices possible. Of course wellness is not the expectation to have a complete absence of aging and dis-ease. In fact, maybe there are gifts within illness or issues. Time, genetics, the environment and gravity present their share of effects. It is through the body that we find peace, contentment. It offers the opportunity to surrender, meet challenges and become aware. In the process we learn to meet our body where it is and nudge it into new territory.  Often, as we approach health with non-attachment to outcome, we can be pleasantly surprised at results and discoveries!
There is risk in creating. 

Taking Care Of Business

This week I've been working on updating insurance policies and refinancing our mortgage.  This sort of business on the heels of tax season has been a little much!  Yet, within it there have been lessons.  First, I learned to let people do their jobs.  For whatever reason in my psyche was the feeling I had to know and handle it all.  Fortunately I noticed this tendency early on so was able to release control, let people do their thing. Second, I am under no obligation to anyone.  Although the relationships are equitable, I brought my business to the professionals:  the insurance agents, the lawyer, the loan officers.  Third, although I consider myself in some ways adverse to authority, where did these experiences come from?  They're all based on falling into line.  The answer to this final question is in process.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yoga In The Park

The mist was present when we started practice this morning.  The sky cleared on and off throughout with full sun at times.  I was indoors most of yesterday.  There was little to stop me from getting outside.

The next instructional class is planned for May 21st at 9am.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soul with a Capital "S"

"Now this is the most single important thing that we can ever attain, the knowledge of our own Self.  And yet there are a frightening amount of people who seem to have the urge not to just to ignore the Self, but actually seem to have the urge to obliterate themselves.  This is horrific but you can almost understand the desire to simply wipe out that awareness because it’s too much of a responsibility to actually possess such a thing as a soul, such a precious thing.  What if you break it?  What if you lose it? Might it not be best to anaesthetize it, to deaden it, to destroy it, to not have to live with the pain of struggling towards it and trying to keep it pure."
- Alan Moore

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal) & Life On Earth

We, here on Earth
face the taunt, 
the considerable mountains of sense desire.

A good!
My husband is home with chocolate.
(Seriously, he is.)

The Silver Lining

So many times
stuck in the mud

 I know
I know the balance-out is around the corner
The silver lining 
The knowing is balancing
before the silver lining
even reveals itself. 

If Grace had a color, it would be silver.

Shifting To A New Spiritual Ideal & Related Reflections

Edgar Cayce spoke of setting a single spiritual ideal.  Would it not be useful to set love, service, peace or forgiveness as a guiding light?  Usually the ideal is more or less out of reach, a little over one's head so to speak.  One's ideal shifts, grows.  Currently I'm transitioning from Inner Peace to Harmony.  

In making the shift from inner peace there is recognition of a new phase.  It's time to interface with the ideal of harmony now.  Of course inner peace will not be abandoned. There is no real separation between guideposts. Currently I look to engage the ideal of harmony on the level of thought, speech and action in relationship with individuals, community and the greater good.  When faced with a fork in the road, I wish, to the best of my ability, to take the direction in support of harmony.  What I expect is to not always know why a certain direction feels more supportive for harmony until circumstances unfold.  This is where intuition, faith and the mystery play their roles.

I also expect to fumble, forget, face imperfection of course.  I've struggled and with certain people when it comes to interpersonal communication, especially related to a compulsive desire to help.  Instead of listening, I've too often given advice, tried to fix situations or sell another on an idea.  I will trust in my skills of concentration (Dharana, the 6th of the 8-limb path of yoga) in order to become a better listener.  So, instead of charging into speech &/or action thinking I am working towards finding solutions for a situation, I will seek to inquire into and return to the ideal of harmony.  When relating to others this begins with listening.  More than anything people want to be heard. 

Another aspect of harmony for me is how it ties to a certain experiential state, namely the dance with duality.  The word dance is stressed here as it signifies movement, getting unstuck from duality.  For me the understanding of harmony will be not only a mind-spirit pursuit but also on the level of body since I feel there's considerable groundwork in place with movement and somatic exploration. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to select and be led by an ideal, please refer to the Cayce material on this subject since I do not do it justice.  He himself and others authors and speakers present the material more correctly with deeper understanding.  There is a chart available to assist in the process. 

If you are interested in exploring the teachings of duality, there are many forms of approach:  Tao Te Ching; Yin-Yang theory; the 3 Gunas of Yoga; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Masculine-Feminine study (as presenting by David Deida for example); and from childhood we have Goldie Locks' exploration of the cabin and stuff of the 3 bears!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


To loosely quote Alan Moore, we are heading in the direction of turning to vapor.  Often, life follows art..  Artists feel the pulse of evolution before anyone else.  This idea and Moore's can be seen in the art of the last century.  It became less dense, more abstract and a celebration of light, as in the impressionists. 
When reflecting on Moore's idea I recalled this drawing class homework assignment from my teen years.  We were to select a photo from National Geographic.  From it, work through a progression of abstraction all the way to the non-objective.
I remember feeling a transformative effect during the process.  It felt, at least a bit, in line with what the great abstract artists were getting at.

We are at a time of union.  Astronomers, astrophysicists, theoretical physicists, mystics, intuitives, and the teachings of the great masters are blending.  The essence of viewpoint and understanding merge.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creating & Being Inspired By An Altar

I never consciously set out to create an altar.  It happened over time.  Just like everything, it changes, evolves. It gets cluttered then clarifies.  Without realizing it, its orientation shifted from my facing West to East when I  rearranged the room. Behind it is the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps 1500 feet away?

Each piece has meaning.  There are reminders of ancestry, friendship, kinship with fellow students, support, new energy, great masters, art and creativity.  The senses are included.  I used to have books on the altar, but no more. 

There is a play on words:  alter and altar.  One is a verb, one is a noun. The words have different meaning.  Yet, there is a subtle difference in the essence of the meaning behind each word.  Indeed, an altar does alter something within us.

Soul Without Shame, Chapter 9 of Partner Study

We're on Chapter 9, which covers personal will.  I've had a number of insights, most of which will not be shared here.  One has crystallized to a new level.  I've transitioned from judging what's best for others to being aware of engaging in the habit.  Now there is awareness of refraining from doing it.  At some point the idea of judging what's best for another will not even enter my awareness.  It seems to be a stepping stone to the notion "the meek shall inherit the Earth".  True and strong humility is hopefully ahead!  All of the greats demonstrated this quality, consistently and beautifully.

Mindscape of Alan Moore

I watched (absorbed) this documentary for the 6th or 7th time over the weekend.  This insightful film offers a glimpse into the philosophy of an avant garde, brilliant mind.  The video can be viewed for free on You Tube and Hulu.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favorite dialogue from a favorite film, Harold & Maude

From the final scene, while saying the final goodbye:

Harold:  I love you Maude.
Maude:  Oh Harold, that's wonderful.  Go and love some more. 

This final exchange is so wonderful and significant.  We can move beyond attachment to a specific person to experience love.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It goes without saying but...

... no one should use anything posted here as a substitute for sound medical, psychological, legal, or financial advice.  There was no particular reason for my writing this but for the sake of clarity this statement will be re-posted every so often.

Russell Targ on Remote Perception

"The secret is, there is no secret, it's not hard to do."

"Psychic abilities are real, available and free."

"... the ancient Hindus, Patanjali, 500 years before Christ, had it right. Patanjali wrote a handbook describing how to get in touch with your psychic abilities on the path to transcendence. The yoga sutras.  Of course Patanjali said you're not going to be interested in the fact that you can look into the future or look into the distance, that is just a stumbling block on the road to transcendence but he felt that the aspirant should know that you will run into these paranormal abilities so you shouldn't get attached to them."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Recommendation: Being And Vibration by Joseph Rael with Mary Elizabeth Marlow

This book came recommended by a friend who studies with Mary Elizabeth Marlow.  Every paragraph offers a richness of wisdom. The A.R.E. library has the VHS version of the Joseph Rael interview from Thinking Allowed.  Here is a 10-minute clip:

Asana provides the opportunity 
to expand 
the body into shapes
This is parallel 
to the mind-work
bringing it out of its usual thinking patterns
  Out of its usual position
  Even occasional glimmers of expansion can be helpful

Letting Go of Money Worries

Caroline Myss recounts the story of how she made a sort of plea deal when it looked as though her desire to be a publisher was trumped by the unavoidable calling to be a medical intuitive.  She said to Spirit something like, "OK, I'll do this but you'd better cover my rear end!"  

Last year I made a similar request while in a beautiful wooded area.  I asked, "If I serve in a win-win manner, in ways helpful to others and inspire and fill me too, could I please let go of financial worry?"  With what felt like the go-ahead, I've gone for it. Recently a very skilled intuitive confirmed the outcome, without my even bringing it up with her. 

It should be noted I am by no means reckless, nor am I wealthy by American standards (but quite so by world standards probably).  Prudent as ever and maybe even more so in middle age, I have fewer material desires.  It seems the greatest desire surrounding material things centers on moving along unwanted and unused items.  My husband likes toys.  Interestingly, as I learn to let-go of trying to keep a lid on his desires, he has actually minimized acquiring! 

Like 99% of us I obviously have responsibilities to meet.  The funny thing is when I do want something, it comes to me: discounted in some way or for free or there is an opportunity to borrow the item or it is simply easily attainable because I no longer want what I cannot afford.  Often the desire for something just slips on by. 

A few years ago while sitting outside with two neighbors I stated how one more chair, a seat for the corner would be useful in my living area. Within no knowledge of my wish and within the hour another neighbor put a duck handled rocker with a footstool roadside.  I did not want the footstool, which someone else did want so it all worked out perfectly.

I'm glad I listened to the instinct to let go of worrying about finances.  I've experienced the stronger cycle of flow which can be instantaneous with participation.  Quick turn-around is possible, especially when there is no tension around the matter. 

The Greatest Disadvantage of Sexism

We're all familiar with sexism.  The greatest disadvantage comes to the sexist individual.  They fail to see and appreciate the potential within the dance of duality.  To disregard, dishonor or abuse the masculine or the feminine causes imbalance.  It means being stuck in one or the other rather than opening to possibility.  There is a closing-off, a lack of expansion.  It is far more fun to giggle at the differences between the sexes.  There is a "lift-up" of honoring the unavoidable nature of duality.  And when not giggling, the dance of duality can be, well, a little hot too!

A Home Movement Practice When You're Not In The Mood

1)  Select a piece or two of music.  Lyric-less is often best unless it inspires an inward journey. 
2)  Roll out a mat and put out props.
3)  Play the music, let it inspire movement. 
4)  Breathe, move in a little or big way.
5)  Allow the music to finish. 
6)  Invite the sound of your breath to fill the space.  


Hot Tub vs. 2 Different Forms of Bath Soaks

Water is so very healing!  

A hot tub soak is a pleasant way to unwind and to catch a little outdoor time even when the weather is cold.  Although the hot tub time surely helps my muscles, it does little compared to a hot bath with 2 cups of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).

Epsom salt with several drops of essential oil, namely lavender, has been very helpful to me over the years.  There have been times it has been as helpful as receiving massage therapy (minus the comfort of human touch & energy of course).    Epsom salt is known to reduce inflammation.  My experience has been such that a muscular problem will disappear completely or for at least 12 hours. 

Bath salt blends comprised of sodium borate, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride and sodium sesquicarbonate are less effective for me. Abra sells a blend which is nice, but considering the higher cost and lower effectiveness, I'll use Epsom salt.  Now, my mother has said sodium borate (Borax) can get rid of warts so perhaps there are other benefits of which I am unaware.

Hydrogen peroxide baths are known to be very therapeutic but I cannot comment since I've not done them correctly nor consistently.  One thing I will say is do not use the regular drug store hydrogen peroxide.  Do your research including ordering 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yoga Lineage

Discovering lineage brings one closer to the thread in the network of the yogic teachings.  Anyone who practices shares in the lineage.  Some students and teachers identify with a more distinct lineage.  I never really did.  Claiming one would have felt contrived for me since it would not have been from genuine connection.  The feeling I've had has been one more akin to spreading out and absorbing.  That said, only recently have I discovered a modern lineage to Vanda Scaravelli.  The unfolding happened as the result of the 3rd (or 4th) leg of a stool firming into place.  Let me explain, from the beginning.

In the mid-90's, when I first started taking classes and practicing, my father-in-law gave me Vanda Scaravelli's book Awakening the Spine.  Looking back, this is curious since my father-in-law, as far I understand, does not know anything about yoga and it is he who gives me this quite non-mainstream book! 

Several years later a friend suggested I borrow her copy of Angela Farmer's video Feminine Unfolding. Loving it, I started to study the "untraining" approach of Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten (her husband).  My teacher trainer, Anna Gerard-Pittman (Amuyanna), embraced their work as well and translated her own way of unwinding. 

Somewhere along the line I purchased Sandra Sabatini's book Breath: The Essence of Yoga and have turned to her poetry for inspiration again and again.  She too was a student of Vanda Scaravelli.

About 5-6 years ago a yoga student gave me Julie Rappaport's 365 Yoga:  Daily Meditations.  It is a compilation of teachings from a variety of masters, spiritual leaders, teachers, poets and authors but also includes Julie's perspective on yoga, which is in-line with how I experience and approach the practice.  Well, this week I looked online for more information about her and found she is a student of Angela Farmer.

As evidence to my connection to this approach, many yoga books have come into my life, most of which have moved along.  The work of Vanda Scaravelli, Sandra Sabitini, Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten and Julie Rappaport comprise half my collection of favorite yoga materials.  The other yoga-related works include:  Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda plus a binder of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons (which I will actually go through from start to completion one day); three different translations of the Bhagavad Gita; Halfway Up The Mountain:  The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightment by Mariana Caplan; To Know Your Self: The Essential Teachings of Swami Satchidananda; Dr. V.S. Rao's translations of Patanjali's Yoga Darshan; and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I will always keep several texts on asana and panayama technique.  I'm not in a very technical place with the practice currently, however, it has been my experience for the techniques to take shape on their own.  And, I waves of a more directed practice and periods of a more fluid practice.

As described in Sandra Sabatini's book my preferred approach is a "gentle but radical yoga that emphasizes working with the breath, gravity and the spine."  Although I am delighted at the discovery of firming my footing onto a lineage, I accept it as a temporary feeling of homecoming.  The true path is well, more pathless!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

if trials and tribulations
have worn holes 
stick flowers in there
see what happens

Inspiring Visual

Around the turn of the millennium I was involved in Bio-Energy studies which included classes and participating in a Sunday morning practice group.  Mietek Wirkus, the founder of the technique gave me the prayer card pictured below and recommended I use the image for visualization.  Over the course of using it my relationship with the card shifted to not only memorizing the image so it hangs in my mind's eye but also sensing the heart energy within myself.  

Here is the contact information should you wish to order a card of your own:
Marians of the Immaculate Conception
Association of Marian Helpers
Stockbridge, MA 01263-0004

Or go to this link:

Judging My Past As A Yoga Teacher

I recall at least a few established, well-known yoga instructors proclaiming something to the effect of, "I can't believe I was teaching then" or "I really should not have been teaching at that point". If memory serves at least one contributor made such a statement in American Yoga: The Paths and Practices of America's Greatest Yoga Teachers by Carrie Schneider.

I've had several moments regarding such a notion, coming in the form of, "Only now do I feel really ready to teach."  It seems to come in tiers.  Of course, it is fine that I've been teaching what I have been and as often as I have, which I scaled according to what felt appropriate.  When that notion arises, what is it?  Ego?  Is the ego judging the past?  Is it congratulating the present? 

Origin of the Word "Sin"

My study partner is working with The Wisdom of Solomon*.  For several days I've been reflecting on something she shared from the book.  The origin of the word "sin" came from ancient martial arts, particularly archery.  The original meaning was "to miss the bull's eye" or "being off the mark".

Using this definition, I see how to "sin" provides clarity as to what works, what doesn't and new directions to point towards.   From an energetic perspective guilt seems pointless.  For the sake of efficiency, re-load the bow with the best arrow possible, watch your form and aim differently.  What makes that act easier said than done are the waves of the mind-stuff.   Straighten the arrows and refine form by using tools:  breath, asana, mantra, prayer, concentration, meditative practices, psychotherapy, consulting a clergy member, reading spiritually enriching works, writing, drawing & painting, creating and carrying out a small ceremony.  The message is always the same:  we will not be 100% free of suffering (waves in the mind-stuff) but we can gain proficiency by filling and using the toolbox. 


The Source Of All Comedy?

I'm starting to feel moments of amusement by perceived control, of others and circumstances.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Pumping, Squeezing, Dance of Duality

With my spiritual study partner, we are on a chapter in Byron Brown's book Soul Without Shame that is dealing with three modes of engagement.  Yet again the familiar yin-yang scale, the 3 gunas and terms for the same has revealed itself.  I'm in a place where I see the pumping, squeezing and dance of the dualities.  I see how consciousness is intertwined and playing around in it all.  Sometimes the masculine and feminine collide to create chaos, the ebb or flow being great and strong.  Sometimes the masculine and feminine joining is unifying, equalizing, the ebb or flow being just right.  It's a delight to know how, to a certain extent, almost all of it is out of my control.  I see where my primary responsibility lies:  awareness of duality.

Current Method and Content of Study

I'm always studying esoteric teachings to a greater or lesser degree.  By study, it's not intensely sitting-at-a-desk memorizing or anything but rather, learning, absorbing and letting knowledge wave in & out.  In recent weeks I have been enjoying a combination of study surrounding energetics, science and the old teachings.

Several weeks ago a wise woman recommended I integrate more energetics into whatever I am doing, be it bodywork, gardening, writing, drawing, prayer, etc.  She was not specific but I have found my way through to a new form of visualization, combining it with what I have learned about energy over the years.  It's not that I have not done this before but there was definitely room to turn it up a notch.

In support of study I've viewed NOVA and other programs on quantum mechanics and theoretical physics.  Although much of the science and certainly mathematics of the information is over my head, I get it.  I've also viewed What The Bleep Do We Know: Down The Rabbit Hole which, if you have seen the film with Marley Matlin, is a version of the film focusing on the featured contributors rather than the fictional story. The art of Alex Grey has supported the visualizations as well.  I picked up his work in the form of cards recently.  I'm learning about remote viewing too.  Finally, reading the work and viewing videos of Joseph Rael and reviewing Patanjali's Yoga Sutras has tied together the newer level of understanding.

So, in this current period of time, I am enjoying a certain level of deeper understanding.  The "human moments" are more fleeting, with more self-forgiveness.  I am experiencing them as waves of energy, with an understanding that sometimes the ebb or flow is simply strong.  And it seems this may extending to others as well. I am experiencing increments of forgiveness with a few people to whom I've tethered myself as a result of perceived wrongs.  I'm not ready to make any particular proclamations, and certainly not about being perfect but these are hunches. 

In college, the professor for the class Existential Humanistic Psychology taught us to expect periods of expansion to come and go.  His words have been quite valuable and memorable over the years.  Now is one of those times I reflect on his wisdom.  There is a sense of vibration.  From what I have learned thus far I inquire as to whether I am in bliss, numbing out or with authentic experience.  In essence, I look at the guideposts and ask good questions.  All teachings of Truth offer maps and signposts, it's that simple. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” - Albert Einstein

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pansy Examples of the 3 Gunas: Rajasic, Tamasic, Very Tamasic & Sattvic

These photos are inspired by Victor Van Kooten's drawings of socks, umbrellas and everyday items to demonstrate the 3 Gunas.  Anytime you recognize the Gunas within a situation, you are indeed with Yoga! 

Expressing an active state, often associated with desire.

The 1st pansy is in a more shaded area of the garden.  The stem and flower stretch to reach the light.  The plant is not spreading outwards at all compared to the others in the garden.  In asana this would be like over stretching and loosing roots.  It also reminds me of how we often prop ourselves in some way when we're in life situations where we do not fit, the personality or reactions becoming a bit extreme.  It should be noted that although leaving a situation may be appropriate, there is also opportunity in such a situation to 1) remain and work-through with awareness 2) modify an aspect or two in order to honor your soul's needs  3) leave.  In this case I watered the pansy today.  Tomorrow I will transplant it to a sunny spot. 


Next we have a collapsed pansy, on it's way out. Or maybe it just needs a drink.  It is quite spread out and starting to droop.  The center has lost tone.

This next one is very Tamas:

It was simply done with it's growth cycle so it was pulled out, recycled into the compost pile where it will offer a share in the nutrients. 

With these Tamasic pansies I am reminded of the attitude of giving up, dropping out of maintaining oneself or a situation, disappointment to the extent of inaction or lack of tone with body, mind.  With these pansies, Savasana comes to mind.  Although it is the simplest of poses, when done "correctly" there is a certain setting up for it, a maintaining of awareness throughout and coming out mindfully.  When I first started yoga I, and several other students in the class, would fall asleep.  Savasana is not about sleep but about softly alert relaxation, feeling sensation, awake rest. 

Balanced state

Finally, our pansy with roots, adequate height and spread.  The flowers are in various phases appropriate to their life cycle.

Garden Saints & Goddesses

Acrylic on Cedar Shake Shingles

Tibetan Singing Bowl

It arrived in the mail last week.  It was used during Yoga in the Park this morning.  The visiting cat did not like it much though! 

Book Recommendation: 365 YOGA: Daily Meditations by Julie Rappaport

Julie Rappaport's collection of 365 meditations is a gem.  It was given to me as a gift from a yoga student several years ago.  There is the consistent thread of true yogic wisdom throughout, whether a selection is from the Upanishads, by Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Theresa.  The eight page glossary of yoga is helpful as well.  The author contributes her own wisdom throughout the text, relaying her experience of play, duality, sensitivity, gravity and the infinite.  For me, Rappaport's voice is in line with the other teachers I connect with most:  Vanda Scaravelli, Sandra Sabatini, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten.

365 YOGA: Daily Meditations was published in 2004 Tarcher/Penguin Books.  There are copies available on Amazon from $1 to $14 plus shipping. 

Good Friday Miracle In My Zip Code

How does a jet crash into several buildings of an apartment complex and only a half-dozen people sustained minor injuries?  Miracles happen.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Bit of Wisdom from Sandra Sabatini

trying too hard

if the practice is not bringing you any joy
or discoveries or suppleness
it is because you are doing too much
trying too hard...
and not taking the time to listen

if you lose the simplicity, go for a walk

- Sandra Sabatini from page 45 in her book Breath: The Essence Of Yoga, A Guide To Inner Stillness

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Did With Old Journals & Diaries

I started to journal in my pre-teens.  In subsequent years the boxes of notebooks were moved to as many as 10 dwellings.  At each home I would find a tucked-away spot to ensure privacy.  In recent years I decided to glance through them in order to determine their fate.  Having established the words contribute nothing, the journals were burned in the wood stove.  Doing so was cleansing!  Now, when there's something private, psychological to work through on paper the process of writing is done on scraps.  Once a certain level of understanding has occurred I destroy the notes. Energetically, I figure keeping the words around is binding.

Alex Grey

Alex Grey does a wonderful job of expressing "the web" or "the matrix".  His work did not necessarily make sense to me upon the initial introduction in the mid-90's.  Now that is does the images are more than 2-dimensional to me. 

Here is the link to his website if you want to view his work:


The Gnat On My 3rd Eye

I have 2 broken capillaries on my skin:  one is on the acupressure kidney meridian point #7 and the other is at my 3rd eye, just slightly to the right.  Upon exiting an energy session I washed my hands, looked in the mirror and at first I thought the broken capillary between my eyebrows had grown.  But there was a gnat on my 3rd eye!  He flew off, onto the mirror.  I let the little guy live of course.

Intuitively Finding Your Way To Home Remedies

Most of us follow "the knowing" we feel for a nap.  [By the way, next to conscious breathing, a nap is one of the best, cheapest, simplest, delicious and often necessary home remedies.]  Well, the same pull can bring you to home remedies.

There was a massage therapy client and fellow yoga student who helped confirm by example the intuitive path to home remedies.   He described having a headache come on at home.  He intuitively followed an instinct to mix various oils from his kitchen and medicine cabinet.  Then he blended the mix all through his hands followed by rubbing it all over his head, ears and face, all the while keeping his eyes closed, maintaining a meditative state.  It worked! 

Sometimes it's just a matter of shifting the little things while using a home remedy.  When dealing with the every-few-years sinus infection I take a hot bath with Epsom salt and several drops of the Cayce remedy Campho-Derm.  Once the sinuses clear and led to do so I submerge my face in the water and exhale out my nose.  Something else I added was to stay in the tub until all the water drained out, getting out before getting chilled, quickly toweling off but staying a little damp and then wrapping up, lying still in a thick blanket from head to toe.  I've even fallen asleep in the wrap, eventually waking to take a quick shower to wash off the salt.  It feels like staying in the tub until the water drains out is energetic in some way, being quiet and acknowledging the draining of toxins.  And then there's the temperature:  hot to cooler to warm again.

Rebalancing Who & What Is Regarded, Remembered

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Recently a family member could not remember one of the most balanced, best behaved dogs I've had out of six from 1990 to present. It brought to awareness how we often give the non-positive the most energy.  Is this not the basis of dis-function? Within families, community, society, politics, media, even with regard to ourselves? 

This thing about the dog struck me since the "squeaky wheel" imbalance is something I started addressing last year.  I will continue to do so.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revisit Your Old Wants

On March 15th I wrote a little on avoiding the temptation to look to a particular thing to rescue you from suffering.  I offer here a little assignment to instill the idea a bit deeper.

Get a piece of paper or electronic keyboard device.  Look at what you have.  Walk around your home or office and in your memory.  Visit "if only's" which are the many things you once said, "If only I had __________."  "If only he/she would ___________."  "If only I could ___________."  look at everything you can:  work position, relationship status, family, friendships, car, clothing, neighborhood, home, 2nd home, decor, garden, vacation, toys, equipment, education,  memberships, addictions, body shape, business ownership, career, club membership, and on and on.  Can you recall saying to yourself or out loud, "If only ________" about any (or all) of these things?

I used to have a book, which I never read so I gave it away, called How To Want What You Have.  [The irony is not lost by the way.]  Certainly the book would be helpful if you struggle with wanting. 

About Choices

Every choice has gain and sacrifice.  Every single one.  When you know this, envy of others and frustration with yourself begins to fall away.  You will gain a sense of responsibility for the choices you've made, perhaps even step out of seeing yourself as a victim.  I cannot speak for every single thing that has happened "to" me or others but if I look at the wider network and momentum of choices made, it becomes clearer and clearer.  And it is really sinking in to my awareness that the devil really is in the details.  It matters less what we have or have not done, have or don't have in life.  I think it's better to say, "well, I chose this course and it has _______ as a gain and _______ as a sacrifice.   

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little On Native American Wisdom About Reality, Spirit & Time

"We're not real.  Actually we're like a strobe light that comes on goes off comes on comes off but it is happening so fast that we don't realize that it's happening.  When we cease to exist in any single moment that we do, at that moment we return back to the infinite. and then return again.  And it is that light that helps us to keep that consciousness and continuity.  But otherwise we're total clarity which is the color of the dark, the dark light but it so pure that its clear." - Joseph Rael

The physical form has a certain density to it.  Allow the words of Rael to sink in and perhaps the idea of non-dense physical form will open to you.  Consider these words of, another Native American philosopher:

"We're here on Earth only a few winters.  And then we go to the Spirit World.  The Spirit World is more real than most of us believe.  The Spirit World is everything." - Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman

Meditation or any practice to calm the waves of the mind allow for the break in the sense of the linear.  As we give the mind something to return to again and again (candle flame, mantra, breath) the system loosens.  We allow for the experiencing of the world in a different way, free from the construct of time.  The Hopi lack a language for time.  The anthropologist Benjamin Whorf even went so far as to say their language is "timeless".

Kismet, Synchronicity, Flow

I want to record this before it vanishes from memory.  Incidents of kismet, synchronicity and flow are a part of my life. I feel a lot of it has to do with the fact that I want little.  But when I do want something, somehow, and often enough times to be noteworthy, it just materializes.  It's not that desiring a lot is necessarily non-positive.  I think it's because if one desires a lot, many of those desires can conflict without one even realizing it.  The "the great provider" so to speak knows of the conflicting nature of things and therefore there is lack of flow.  It's just my hunch.   

In early March an art class assignment had us working imaginatively from The World of Art books available in the studio.  I wanted to finish mine but the book cannot be checked out of the classroom.  I wrote down the book title:  The World of Copley and the page number and tossed the strip of paper in my art tackle box.  In checking the city library catalog I found they do not have it.  EBay had a few available at a decent price but for no particular reason I did not place a bid right then. 

On a bike ride today I stopped into the library at the Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and there it was on the book sale rack:  $8 like new.  Tomorrow I'll stop in with my wallet to buy it.

Here is the beginning of the drawing:

Here is the note indicating the book title:

4/2/12 Update:  Went back to the A.R.E. library to purchase the book today.  Maybe the 2 for 1 sale was going on yesterday but I did not notice.  Anyway, I got 2 for 1 today.  Here's the art book showing the piece I am working with: Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom:

On St. Patrick's Day while trying to find something to wear I commented to my husband how I used to have several olive green shirts and sweaters.  Over the years they wore out.  It's the best green for me due to my eye color being olive green.  I said I'll have to look for that color when I replace current shirts and sweaters.  When I returned from the library a neighbor said he had a fleece that no longer fits him.  As it turns out it is olive green:

Teach what you know

Photo: Marcus Holman

Teach what you know.  If you teach what you know with awareness of where your knowledge ends at that moment, your feet will be on firm ground.  You will be in a place of integrity.  Teach what you know and allow the energy to build, progress, find and help another on their path.  It may be in a small, yet beautifully significant to the student.

I like to be in the company of people who are smarter &/or more adept in an area than me.  It is stimulating.  I do not, however, like to teach, talk or present (preach?) beyond my capabilities. I've made the mistake many times for sure but we are to learn from mistakes.  The nice thing about getting older is being who you truly are and not trying to be someone you're not.  Age gets you seated on the rock of integrity. 

Back to you teaching what you know.  I do not follow the policies and politics of yoga in America.  However, I hear occasional talk of national certification, but there are no requirements to teach at this time.  The technology of yoga is vast.  Goodness gracious, you do not need to know all of it in order to teach.  Start where you are.  If you have the desire to lead asana, breath, meditation, concentration or any other teaching from the yoga tradition, I encourage you to follow the impulse.

Find a venue that works for you: a little corner somewhere, indoors or outdoors, with a group, an individual or within an established yoga studio or school. Or you can write, or make audio and video recordings.  Find the schedule that works for you too:  full-time, several times per week, once per month. 

However and whatever you teach is like touching a bit of eternity. The teachings have been handed down for thousands of years.  Step into being part of the lineage if inspired to do so.  Again, if you listen carefully to your intuition and teach what you really know, you will be teaching responsibly.

Alignment and the direction of a pose

Although joint alignment engages muscle, the process of finding joint integrity actually offers freedom from tension.  The skeleton provides support for the body.  When articulations (joints) are misaligned, unnecessary muscles begin to be recruited into the need for stability. How stable would a skyscraper be if the steel beams were not seated?  Of course this is not a perfect analogy since the skeleton of the human body has curves and well, it moves!

Lack of attention to postures can lead to injury, especially if repeated over and over.  In approaching a pose mindfully, one reaches into the direction of a pose, be it back bend, forward bend, side bend, twist all the while there is attention to the idea of neutral.  Equanimity is more likely with seated joints so as not to overstretch ligaments which connect bone to bone.  The beauty of asana is the pumping-like action of stretching and toning muscle.  If done mindfully this can be done without harming joints.