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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kismet, Synchronicity, Flow

I want to record this before it vanishes from memory.  Incidents of kismet, synchronicity and flow are a part of my life. I feel a lot of it has to do with the fact that I want little.  But when I do want something, somehow, and often enough times to be noteworthy, it just materializes.  It's not that desiring a lot is necessarily non-positive.  I think it's because if one desires a lot, many of those desires can conflict without one even realizing it.  The "the great provider" so to speak knows of the conflicting nature of things and therefore there is lack of flow.  It's just my hunch.   

In early March an art class assignment had us working imaginatively from The World of Art books available in the studio.  I wanted to finish mine but the book cannot be checked out of the classroom.  I wrote down the book title:  The World of Copley and the page number and tossed the strip of paper in my art tackle box.  In checking the city library catalog I found they do not have it.  EBay had a few available at a decent price but for no particular reason I did not place a bid right then. 

On a bike ride today I stopped into the library at the Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and there it was on the book sale rack:  $8 like new.  Tomorrow I'll stop in with my wallet to buy it.

Here is the beginning of the drawing:

Here is the note indicating the book title:

4/2/12 Update:  Went back to the A.R.E. library to purchase the book today.  Maybe the 2 for 1 sale was going on yesterday but I did not notice.  Anyway, I got 2 for 1 today.  Here's the art book showing the piece I am working with: Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom:

On St. Patrick's Day while trying to find something to wear I commented to my husband how I used to have several olive green shirts and sweaters.  Over the years they wore out.  It's the best green for me due to my eye color being olive green.  I said I'll have to look for that color when I replace current shirts and sweaters.  When I returned from the library a neighbor said he had a fleece that no longer fits him.  As it turns out it is olive green:

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