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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pansy Examples of the 3 Gunas: Rajasic, Tamasic, Very Tamasic & Sattvic

These photos are inspired by Victor Van Kooten's drawings of socks, umbrellas and everyday items to demonstrate the 3 Gunas.  Anytime you recognize the Gunas within a situation, you are indeed with Yoga! 

Expressing an active state, often associated with desire.

The 1st pansy is in a more shaded area of the garden.  The stem and flower stretch to reach the light.  The plant is not spreading outwards at all compared to the others in the garden.  In asana this would be like over stretching and loosing roots.  It also reminds me of how we often prop ourselves in some way when we're in life situations where we do not fit, the personality or reactions becoming a bit extreme.  It should be noted that although leaving a situation may be appropriate, there is also opportunity in such a situation to 1) remain and work-through with awareness 2) modify an aspect or two in order to honor your soul's needs  3) leave.  In this case I watered the pansy today.  Tomorrow I will transplant it to a sunny spot. 


Next we have a collapsed pansy, on it's way out. Or maybe it just needs a drink.  It is quite spread out and starting to droop.  The center has lost tone.

This next one is very Tamas:

It was simply done with it's growth cycle so it was pulled out, recycled into the compost pile where it will offer a share in the nutrients. 

With these Tamasic pansies I am reminded of the attitude of giving up, dropping out of maintaining oneself or a situation, disappointment to the extent of inaction or lack of tone with body, mind.  With these pansies, Savasana comes to mind.  Although it is the simplest of poses, when done "correctly" there is a certain setting up for it, a maintaining of awareness throughout and coming out mindfully.  When I first started yoga I, and several other students in the class, would fall asleep.  Savasana is not about sleep but about softly alert relaxation, feeling sensation, awake rest. 

Balanced state

Finally, our pansy with roots, adequate height and spread.  The flowers are in various phases appropriate to their life cycle.

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