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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letting Go of Money Worries

Caroline Myss recounts the story of how she made a sort of plea deal when it looked as though her desire to be a publisher was trumped by the unavoidable calling to be a medical intuitive.  She said to Spirit something like, "OK, I'll do this but you'd better cover my rear end!"  

Last year I made a similar request while in a beautiful wooded area.  I asked, "If I serve in a win-win manner, in ways helpful to others and inspire and fill me too, could I please let go of financial worry?"  With what felt like the go-ahead, I've gone for it. Recently a very skilled intuitive confirmed the outcome, without my even bringing it up with her. 

It should be noted I am by no means reckless, nor am I wealthy by American standards (but quite so by world standards probably).  Prudent as ever and maybe even more so in middle age, I have fewer material desires.  It seems the greatest desire surrounding material things centers on moving along unwanted and unused items.  My husband likes toys.  Interestingly, as I learn to let-go of trying to keep a lid on his desires, he has actually minimized acquiring! 

Like 99% of us I obviously have responsibilities to meet.  The funny thing is when I do want something, it comes to me: discounted in some way or for free or there is an opportunity to borrow the item or it is simply easily attainable because I no longer want what I cannot afford.  Often the desire for something just slips on by. 

A few years ago while sitting outside with two neighbors I stated how one more chair, a seat for the corner would be useful in my living area. Within no knowledge of my wish and within the hour another neighbor put a duck handled rocker with a footstool roadside.  I did not want the footstool, which someone else did want so it all worked out perfectly.

I'm glad I listened to the instinct to let go of worrying about finances.  I've experienced the stronger cycle of flow which can be instantaneous with participation.  Quick turn-around is possible, especially when there is no tension around the matter. 

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