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Friday, April 20, 2012

Shifting To A New Spiritual Ideal & Related Reflections

Edgar Cayce spoke of setting a single spiritual ideal.  Would it not be useful to set love, service, peace or forgiveness as a guiding light?  Usually the ideal is more or less out of reach, a little over one's head so to speak.  One's ideal shifts, grows.  Currently I'm transitioning from Inner Peace to Harmony.  

In making the shift from inner peace there is recognition of a new phase.  It's time to interface with the ideal of harmony now.  Of course inner peace will not be abandoned. There is no real separation between guideposts. Currently I look to engage the ideal of harmony on the level of thought, speech and action in relationship with individuals, community and the greater good.  When faced with a fork in the road, I wish, to the best of my ability, to take the direction in support of harmony.  What I expect is to not always know why a certain direction feels more supportive for harmony until circumstances unfold.  This is where intuition, faith and the mystery play their roles.

I also expect to fumble, forget, face imperfection of course.  I've struggled and with certain people when it comes to interpersonal communication, especially related to a compulsive desire to help.  Instead of listening, I've too often given advice, tried to fix situations or sell another on an idea.  I will trust in my skills of concentration (Dharana, the 6th of the 8-limb path of yoga) in order to become a better listener.  So, instead of charging into speech &/or action thinking I am working towards finding solutions for a situation, I will seek to inquire into and return to the ideal of harmony.  When relating to others this begins with listening.  More than anything people want to be heard. 

Another aspect of harmony for me is how it ties to a certain experiential state, namely the dance with duality.  The word dance is stressed here as it signifies movement, getting unstuck from duality.  For me the understanding of harmony will be not only a mind-spirit pursuit but also on the level of body since I feel there's considerable groundwork in place with movement and somatic exploration. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to select and be led by an ideal, please refer to the Cayce material on this subject since I do not do it justice.  He himself and others authors and speakers present the material more correctly with deeper understanding.  There is a chart available to assist in the process. 

If you are interested in exploring the teachings of duality, there are many forms of approach:  Tao Te Ching; Yin-Yang theory; the 3 Gunas of Yoga; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Masculine-Feminine study (as presenting by David Deida for example); and from childhood we have Goldie Locks' exploration of the cabin and stuff of the 3 bears!

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