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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little On Native American Wisdom About Reality, Spirit & Time

"We're not real.  Actually we're like a strobe light that comes on goes off comes on comes off but it is happening so fast that we don't realize that it's happening.  When we cease to exist in any single moment that we do, at that moment we return back to the infinite. and then return again.  And it is that light that helps us to keep that consciousness and continuity.  But otherwise we're total clarity which is the color of the dark, the dark light but it so pure that its clear." - Joseph Rael

The physical form has a certain density to it.  Allow the words of Rael to sink in and perhaps the idea of non-dense physical form will open to you.  Consider these words of, another Native American philosopher:

"We're here on Earth only a few winters.  And then we go to the Spirit World.  The Spirit World is more real than most of us believe.  The Spirit World is everything." - Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman

Meditation or any practice to calm the waves of the mind allow for the break in the sense of the linear.  As we give the mind something to return to again and again (candle flame, mantra, breath) the system loosens.  We allow for the experiencing of the world in a different way, free from the construct of time.  The Hopi lack a language for time.  The anthropologist Benjamin Whorf even went so far as to say their language is "timeless".

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