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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Intuitively Finding Your Way To Home Remedies

Most of us follow "the knowing" we feel for a nap.  [By the way, next to conscious breathing, a nap is one of the best, cheapest, simplest, delicious and often necessary home remedies.]  Well, the same pull can bring you to home remedies.

There was a massage therapy client and fellow yoga student who helped confirm by example the intuitive path to home remedies.   He described having a headache come on at home.  He intuitively followed an instinct to mix various oils from his kitchen and medicine cabinet.  Then he blended the mix all through his hands followed by rubbing it all over his head, ears and face, all the while keeping his eyes closed, maintaining a meditative state.  It worked! 

Sometimes it's just a matter of shifting the little things while using a home remedy.  When dealing with the every-few-years sinus infection I take a hot bath with Epsom salt and several drops of the Cayce remedy Campho-Derm.  Once the sinuses clear and led to do so I submerge my face in the water and exhale out my nose.  Something else I added was to stay in the tub until all the water drained out, getting out before getting chilled, quickly toweling off but staying a little damp and then wrapping up, lying still in a thick blanket from head to toe.  I've even fallen asleep in the wrap, eventually waking to take a quick shower to wash off the salt.  It feels like staying in the tub until the water drains out is energetic in some way, being quiet and acknowledging the draining of toxins.  And then there's the temperature:  hot to cooler to warm again.

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