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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Origin of the Word "Sin"

My study partner is working with The Wisdom of Solomon*.  For several days I've been reflecting on something she shared from the book.  The origin of the word "sin" came from ancient martial arts, particularly archery.  The original meaning was "to miss the bull's eye" or "being off the mark".

Using this definition, I see how to "sin" provides clarity as to what works, what doesn't and new directions to point towards.   From an energetic perspective guilt seems pointless.  For the sake of efficiency, re-load the bow with the best arrow possible, watch your form and aim differently.  What makes that act easier said than done are the waves of the mind-stuff.   Straighten the arrows and refine form by using tools:  breath, asana, mantra, prayer, concentration, meditative practices, psychotherapy, consulting a clergy member, reading spiritually enriching works, writing, drawing & painting, creating and carrying out a small ceremony.  The message is always the same:  we will not be 100% free of suffering (waves in the mind-stuff) but we can gain proficiency by filling and using the toolbox. 


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