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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revisit Your Old Wants

On March 15th I wrote a little on avoiding the temptation to look to a particular thing to rescue you from suffering.  I offer here a little assignment to instill the idea a bit deeper.

Get a piece of paper or electronic keyboard device.  Look at what you have.  Walk around your home or office and in your memory.  Visit "if only's" which are the many things you once said, "If only I had __________."  "If only he/she would ___________."  "If only I could ___________."  look at everything you can:  work position, relationship status, family, friendships, car, clothing, neighborhood, home, 2nd home, decor, garden, vacation, toys, equipment, education,  memberships, addictions, body shape, business ownership, career, club membership, and on and on.  Can you recall saying to yourself or out loud, "If only ________" about any (or all) of these things?

I used to have a book, which I never read so I gave it away, called How To Want What You Have.  [The irony is not lost by the way.]  Certainly the book would be helpful if you struggle with wanting. 

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