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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alignment and the direction of a pose

Although joint alignment engages muscle, the process of finding joint integrity actually offers freedom from tension.  The skeleton provides support for the body.  When articulations (joints) are misaligned, unnecessary muscles begin to be recruited into the need for stability. How stable would a skyscraper be if the steel beams were not seated?  Of course this is not a perfect analogy since the skeleton of the human body has curves and well, it moves!

Lack of attention to postures can lead to injury, especially if repeated over and over.  In approaching a pose mindfully, one reaches into the direction of a pose, be it back bend, forward bend, side bend, twist all the while there is attention to the idea of neutral.  Equanimity is more likely with seated joints so as not to overstretch ligaments which connect bone to bone.  The beauty of asana is the pumping-like action of stretching and toning muscle.  If done mindfully this can be done without harming joints. 

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