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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Current Method and Content of Study

I'm always studying esoteric teachings to a greater or lesser degree.  By study, it's not intensely sitting-at-a-desk memorizing or anything but rather, learning, absorbing and letting knowledge wave in & out.  In recent weeks I have been enjoying a combination of study surrounding energetics, science and the old teachings.

Several weeks ago a wise woman recommended I integrate more energetics into whatever I am doing, be it bodywork, gardening, writing, drawing, prayer, etc.  She was not specific but I have found my way through to a new form of visualization, combining it with what I have learned about energy over the years.  It's not that I have not done this before but there was definitely room to turn it up a notch.

In support of study I've viewed NOVA and other programs on quantum mechanics and theoretical physics.  Although much of the science and certainly mathematics of the information is over my head, I get it.  I've also viewed What The Bleep Do We Know: Down The Rabbit Hole which, if you have seen the film with Marley Matlin, is a version of the film focusing on the featured contributors rather than the fictional story. The art of Alex Grey has supported the visualizations as well.  I picked up his work in the form of cards recently.  I'm learning about remote viewing too.  Finally, reading the work and viewing videos of Joseph Rael and reviewing Patanjali's Yoga Sutras has tied together the newer level of understanding.

So, in this current period of time, I am enjoying a certain level of deeper understanding.  The "human moments" are more fleeting, with more self-forgiveness.  I am experiencing them as waves of energy, with an understanding that sometimes the ebb or flow is simply strong.  And it seems this may extending to others as well. I am experiencing increments of forgiveness with a few people to whom I've tethered myself as a result of perceived wrongs.  I'm not ready to make any particular proclamations, and certainly not about being perfect but these are hunches. 

In college, the professor for the class Existential Humanistic Psychology taught us to expect periods of expansion to come and go.  His words have been quite valuable and memorable over the years.  Now is one of those times I reflect on his wisdom.  There is a sense of vibration.  From what I have learned thus far I inquire as to whether I am in bliss, numbing out or with authentic experience.  In essence, I look at the guideposts and ask good questions.  All teachings of Truth offer maps and signposts, it's that simple. 

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