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Monday, October 31, 2011

Angela Farmer

I had the pleasure of participating in a long weekend of yoga with Angela Farmer. It was my 4th workshop over the course of 8, perhaps 10 years. I will share a few ideas and experiences from the “untraining" as she and her husband Victor Van Kooten call it.

Their method/non-method centers on interior balance of energy, awareness and alignment by feeling, filling out, spinning body & energy in counter directions and of course breathing. It is yet another way to grow the witness mind, the part of us we hope to make stronger than monkey mind. Instead of striving for a stunning pose (not that there’s anything wrong with that Angela says) why not try to grow from inside too? Angela stays true to only presenting what she experiences, saying she no longer teaches but shares. As the 12-Step saying goes it’s about process not perfection.

Their method/non-method is supportive of yogic principles such as concentration (Dharana) and meditation (Dhyana) and the equalizing of the energies of tamas, rajas and satvic. In addition, on a personal level I made other connections. Since starting Chopich & Paul’s inner child & inner bonding work last week I realized there was a delightful significance in timing. I’ve only cracked open the text and it will be another week before beginning the workbook but it feels as though my body-mind is primed for the exploration. I also had a wonderfully informative dream basically informing me it is time to completely release a health event from 6 years ago.

In closing Angela & Victor’s approach reinforces the idea of the ultimate partnership being with the self. All the great traditions speak of this. The external is limited in how much peace it can bring us. Those words can be read in a book but when using the body as tool for inner contemplation is not only delicious but potentially very enlightening!

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