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Friday, June 1, 2012

Gifts To Come Out of Angry Feelings

Life situations will always keep coming.  It's always something!  When facing an issue I am learning to look at my tendencies squarely.  I also open-to the silver lining, in the outer and within the inner world.

Today I experienced, really felt, how anger points to where external circumstances poke at the sense of who we think we are.  There's that part of ourselves and then, the deeper and the truer.  There is the unshakable, beautiful Self that is a child of God.  No matter what life tosses on our path, the source is there deep down, deep within and can be touched in the silence. When accessed, we soften. 

It has been tempting for me in the past to judge myself for getting angry, even more so when I judge the situation to be trivial.  With this more recent ta-do, I rode it out, allowing for the experience.  I used the feelings as a point of entry into the body.  Interestingly, the chapter I studied in Soul Without Shame called for just this!

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