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Friday, January 27, 2012


At 15 it was time to decide if I wanted to be confirmed in the church I attended all my life.  In a rare (perhaps one of only two) religious discussions with my mother I told her I did not consider myself a believer.  Her only response was, "All good Christians have periods of doubt."  The floor being opened to spirituality as a process was all it took for me to go ahead with confirmation.  This church and the congregation were already a big part of my life and happened to be grounding and fun but if I were told I had to believe in order to be confirmed that would have been a deal breaker.

Later in my 20's I read how a Zen Buddhist only needs a questioning mind and Zen Masters say only doubt enables great awakening.  Doubt offsets complacency. 

Since my teens I have enjoyed the mystery, the mystical, a number of perceived "religious experiences" and periods of more of the mundane where I feel a little less connected to Spirit. Maybe it's my personality or church of origin but I don't feel guilt if my dedication or belief soften.  If doubt enters it's simply something to note and I recall my mother's words. 

As powerful as that conversation has been for me my mother has no recollection of it!

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