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Friday, January 27, 2012

Random notes taken during a workshop with Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten

These are some things from a sheet of paper that surfaced in a stack.  I don't who came up with what.  Enjoy.

The teacher, when giving instructions, takes power away from the student.  The purpose of the teacher is to inspire the student to find their power. 

To feel and sense lightness, merge with gravity.  Sense heaviness first.  Soften your approach.  Melt down, feel down instead pf press. 

In asana are you making a shape or are you going in to lengthen and explore the body?

We tend to put the brain on such a pedastal.  Brain-intellect-mind is fast.  Body-mind is slower.  In the west we tend to bang the body-mind around.  Build a relationship, a loving relationship between the intellect and the body-mind.

With yoga we don't need to go anywhere.  "It" is in the interior.

Matter is bound energy.  Go there with compassion and intelligence.  Yes, it will slow your practice down.

Be a fulfilled person:  fill breath and consciousness in spaces.

Concentrate and allow the yummy side.

The body loves metaphors.

Be tender (present) with yourself during practice.  Be in the feeling state.

Communicate with area(s) of trauma, gripping, tension.  Use words, breath, listening.  Don't try to fix it. 

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