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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Exquisite Corpse" Art Game

Last night in art class the teacher had the 9 of us play the drawing version of "exquisite corpse".  If you don't know what exquisite corpse is, please see this link describing the game:

We started by folding the paper in 3 sections, as though one would fold a business letter.  Each worked without looking at their neighbor, particularly the person to their right since the source of the next drawing came from them.  At the bottom of the section we worked on, we extended a few lines for the next person to pick up on.  

Out of the 9 drawings I would say 6 of them had a "consciousness quality".  It was as though the flow of the 1st artist was absorbed into the paper.  Two of the 3 I participated in were magical.  We worked from childhood dreams and memories.  It was amazing how the stories aligned.  The most outstanding example was one where I contributed the top drawing of a dream from childhood:  my father and I in the ocean holding onto a log.  He was looking at me with concern and trying to put me at ease.  The look on the little girl's face (my face) was of fright.  The woman next to me contributed a drawing of an emotional girl (but not crying) in a car looking out the window.  The last was a girl beneath a tree relaxing.  To me the progression was from danger, to rescue & processing what happened to finally relief at having come back to safe ground.  It turned out the middle artist's drawing was the memory of going to her father's funeral when she was a girl.  My father has been gone for a few years and as I was drawing his memory was alive.  Maybe it is one of those "you had to be there" sorts of things, but it was astonishing.  The middle artist took home that drawing.

Below is the one I kept, the bottom drawing being my contribution.

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