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Friday, February 3, 2012

Transcendent Visual Art - Another Regarding Chemotherapy

To explain this piece of art I have to go through a series of events.

I painted this a year or so before I went through chemotherapy which resulted in total hair loss.  The teacher wanted it in a student show so I had it framed. After the show I hung it on the wall in my home.  During chemo I came across a non-itchy Totes hat-scarf combo thing which I wore at daily home to keep my head warm since it was the middle of winter.  One day after a recent treatment I was sacked out on the futon, with bone pain and green with nausea wearing the red hat-scarf.  I turned, looked directly at this painting and it all came together.  I could not believe what I was seeing:  a green (& nauseous?) woman with a red scarf around her head.  I called to my husband in disbelief.  The moment of recognition was enlightening and healing.  Her tranquility put me at ease.  But I still have no explanation for the bird!

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