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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Nuchal Ligament

I recommend Christopher McDougall's book Born To Run to anyone interested in human evolution, anatomy, kinesiology, inspiring characters, health, fitness, clearing the mind, competition and of course, running!  I've read this book a few times, each time coming away with something more.  The last time around, it was the nuchal ligament.  In short, it is found in distance running animals and aids in holding the head up.  Cats, pigs and primates do not possess the nuchal ligament.  Cats run, and run fast, but they run short distances to catch prey. 

An informative link:

Learning about the nuchal ligament inspired me to add the awareness to the runs I occasionally take through the park.  Then horses kept coming up in one way or another, during runs and elsewhere in life.  Eventually I found an online course in horse anatomy with an equine massage school.  [There's no intention to become a horse massage therapist!  Nor do I imagine I'll own a horse anytime soon.]  So far the initial part of the study involves comparing horse & human anatomy. 

I started riding lessons last week. Something that may be interesting is the shift from the time spent with predators (dogs & especially cats) to the behavior of prey animals.  I have a feeling this just may shift something within me on this and other levels.  Word has it horses read the rider's body and fortunately not the rider's mind.  In a sense, it seems riding is a body-meditation: being in the body, communicating calm & balance even when the mind is excited or afraid of an "unplanned dismount".  In order to accomplish this equilibrium, there has to be the presence of mind to be aware, to breath.     

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