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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yoga Props

A student in class asked about props.  Since 1996 most props I've purchased have come from yogaprops.net.  I prefer the cheaper, thinner mats over thicker and slicker ones.  When requiring cleaning I wash them on gentle cycle and hang to dry for a day or two, flipping every so often.  I like sturdy black blocks and wood blocks. The wood set I have was made by a friend but surely the ones available on line are as equally lovely.  When I first started practicing props weren't readily available.  The teacher suggested making your own blocks by duct-taping together equal stacks of old paperback books. If your mat wears out don't toss it as it can be handy for other purposes.  For example, I use an old one on the floor beneath the feet of an aluminum ladder for added safety.  


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