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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Recent Decision

After teaching yoga since 1999, I've decided to let go.  In recent years I've scaled down to just a few class sessions per month but now my decision is to discontinue instructing completely.  There's a sense of relief to be free of the responsibility. Output is not coming easily lately as I need more solitude, time with my own thoughts.  Leadership requires a certain kind of energy, which is on the back burner in a way that isn't within my control.  Just as my yoga teaching style is non-force, not demanding this-that-&-the-other of students, the same attitude applies to here.

For those who have expressed disappointment with the end of the Yoga In The Park class, remember you can always coordinate and continue to meet for individual practice.  If you do so, please include me!  I will and do miss getting together with the group.

Keep practicing!  I know I'll always have a physical practice on my own, soft as it is.

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