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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Next Spiritual Study

My study partner and I have completed Deepak Chopra's The Happiness Prescription.   This is recommended for anyone.  There is no need to believe in anything.  This is well-timed since I'm in a practical place in life, not readily taking to more than nuts & bolts, see-it-to-believe-it.  Chopra suggests practices.  The are the 10 prescriptions, so to speak.  Here they are distilled into a simple list:

1) Listen to your body's wisdom.
2) Live in the present.
3) Embrace silence.
4) Relinquish your need for external approval.
5) Relinquish your anger or opposition.
6) Total self-knowledge, the world is a mirror of states of consciousness.
7) Don't judge others.
8) Remove toxins.
9) Replace fear with love.
10) Cultivate witness awareness.

Now, he reviews, quite eloquently, several ways of approaching each.

Next, my study partner and I are going to work visually.  It will be a pleasure to get back into art materials!  Our guide, in addition to each other, will be Judith Cornell's The Mandala Healing Kit: Using Sacred Symbols for Spiritual & Emotional Healing.  I will blog-post some visuals and insights as appropriate.

If you've followed this blog over the last 2 years you'll know we're heading into our 4th study.  It is interesting (and not surprising) how similar spiritual teachings come around again and again.  Each time we pick up a new series we marvel at how it feels as though the last prepared us for the current!

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