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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Releasing Control of Others

"Danger arises when someone begins to think that his or her truth should be true for everyone."

This phrase is found in Anna Pittman's information about Satya or Truthfulness. The material was handed out in yoga teacher training back in 2000. It is confirming to revisit this concept fourteen years later.

Letting go of the tendency to want to control other people leads to being more focused and responsible for the Self. Those 3 words are italicized and underlined for a very good reason. WE CAN ALMOST NEVER CONTROL THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS. Really all that can be achieved is the desire to. When trying to control someone so many things can happen: enabling someone's bad habits, draining the heck out of yourself, not honoring your own and another's path/karma/dharma/consequences, not recognizing healthy boundaries, feeling hurt and frustration instead of serenity.

I'm becoming more fluent in feeling the signals when thought forms arise indicating a desire to apply my truth on to another. I'm laughing while writing this: at first it felt wrong, unloving, uninvolved, disconnected and selfish to allow another to have their own truth! Miraculously the world hasn't come to an end! I'm more intimately connected with my own truth therefore able to exercise healthy boundaries.

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