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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yama & Niyama Study

With a partner we're applying the Yamas & Niyamas for self-study. We meet every week or two for discussion and inquiry.  Anna Pittman's written information from teacher training is our source material. Each Yama and Niyama is approached on the level of thought, speech and action.

It is a supportive system to refer to with life experiences, whether small or larger, more surface or deep. It is not about banishing your personality or attaining perfection or over-control but about AWARENESS before, during or after a trigger. In fact, the structure provides a framework, in my opinion, to allow you to be who you truly are. The application of Yama & Niyama can help bring experience into THE NOW, offering opportunity to feel and address a situation. It's basic really, taught elsewhere in such as the Ten Commandments. In fact, the Yamas & Niyamas are sometimes referred to as the Ten Commandments of Yoga in order to communicate what they are to beginning students.

If you are a student of Yoga and are unfamiliar with the Yamas & Niyamas I encourage you to learn about them and the eight limb system that is Yoga. Yoga is more than attending a group exercise-type class. If Asana is the one of the limb you choose to practice, great. And knowledge of the big picture will offer fuller understanding. I've written about the 8-limbs throughout this blog. Specifically posts published on these dates will be helpful: 6/13/12, 11/3/11 and 10/23/11.

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