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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kara & the Crow

Kara was a lovely, wonderful dog.  If it makes any sense, she was the most mystical dogs I've ever known. Either she would send mental messages or we were somehow in deep synchronicity together.  Even before we met, it seems she picked up a message from me or I from her.  That story will be a separate post, which will appear above this one on the blog, in good order. 

At 17 and already quite aged, her legs were giving out.  As difficult as it was, the best thing to do was to give her a humane end.  Like the first night I ever had with her, I slept next to her on the floor. [Being a Newfoundland-Lab mix Kara was always hot anytime it was over 40 degrees (no exaggeration) so she did not like sleeping on the bed.]  She came to us in late August 1993 when my husband (boyfriend at the time) rescued her from a city street.  Kara had street dog habits so needed to be in a crate.  I slept on the floor next to her that first night.  Sometime during that last night while next to her, I spoke with Spirit and asked for a sign.  Although a humane end seemed appropriate I needed to be sure.

The story goes back a ways first.  In the late 90's a yoga teacher told me about crows and how they signal the connection between this plane and the afterlife.  Although we both live in Virginia Beach I had not seen her in years.  Earlier that month I saw her in Chapel Hill at a yoga workshop. 

So, the day after sleeping next to my dog for the last time, I drove her to the veterinary office.  My husband was to meet us there.  While we waited I took her out of the car so she could be in the grass.  Then I noticed something I've never witnessed in my life and I grew up with plenty of crows in the neighborhood.  A crow was on a lamp post about 15  feet away and 15 feet up, looking down at us, cawing.  It was not upset but just, well, communicating and did not cease.  When my husband arrived I asked him to tell me what he thought, "Is that crow speaking to us or what?"  He said yes, indeed it was.  Trust me, he is a science and math guy and does not embrace "the mystery" as readily as many.  Although I feel the decision to give Kara a humane end was the best one, the crow's call was just what I needed to hear.  When we came out of the office with Kara's body wrapped in a blanket* the crow was gone. 

*We learned a long time ago to allow the other animals at home to see the body of the deceased pack member.  At the time of Kara's death we had 2 other dogs and a cat.  Watching them process the situation is amazing.  It only takes 5-10 minutes for everyone to seemingly understand and there is no mourning period afterward like we've seen other times without this opportunity.  I could write an essay just about this!

Photo of Kara, she's the fuzzy one in the foreground:

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