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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Creative Expanse

I've heard the phrase "life is a school" enough to know it doesn't resonated with me.  I prefer to embrace the creative principle instead.  We are here to explore the miracle of our creation.  Asking questions along the way will not only serve in the direction of humility but keep one bright and inspired.  I aim to observe rather than claim something in particular.  It’s a little anarchistic but to nail down a “this is it, this is the answer” is a presumption I am not ready to make, and maybe never will.  For me, a reductionist approach doesn't work.  Casting a wide net makes far more sense.  In doing so, it is interesting how seemingly unrelated experiences and things share common threads.  Maybe the "life is a school" phrasing will align with my senses if I recall the handful of teachers and subjects that helped me see the expanse, where and how it connects and what it means to me as a human being. 

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