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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Message From My Father

My father was an aqua guy.  He LOVED the water.  Close to 82 years old, he road ocean waves weeks prior to his death.  I often think of him during my ocean swims, imagining being together or he is at least smiling through whatever veil separates us currently.  This sense was with me yesterday as I bobbed around the waves.

Last night in a dream my father and I were swimming together, diving through the surf, talking in-between.  Through this experience I received a message about an acquaintance in waking life.  This acquaintance lost a father recently.  I came to understand how the father's death relates to a situation someone else, a person close to me, has to handle.  Due to the nature of our relationship it was appropriate to relay the insight.  We'll see if it helps.  Maybe, maybe not.  That's the way these things go. 

Beneath the surface of normal waking experience is a flood of energy, information and ideas.  Stephen King refers to it as mining fossils.  Alan Moore describes it as a river.  Isn't this the concept referred to in the title of Edgar Cayce's biography There Is A River?  It has been pondered, written about and discussed for ages.  When I'm lucky or open (or quite thick to the point of desperation, "in the squeeze" I call it), it gets tapped, somehow and sometimes without trying.

My father was not one for discussing the unknown, the mysterious but he did so for the first time (with me anyway) less than a year prior to his death.*  The conversation seems to have been preparatory.  Since his passing there have been notable experiences where he has reached me. It goes with who he was/is: a soulful, helpful person.  His return to lend support doesn't surprise me, especially since that one notable discussion took place.

Although recollections are vague his guidance from the other side is subtle.  I hold on to less and less detail as I've learned to keep loose with regard to mystical experience so as not to strangle the flow.  But what strengthens is the knowing of when the deep, strong cord of mystery has been touched. 

The healthy skeptic within says perhaps all this is the subconscious at work.  This is fine too.  I do not resist healthy doubt.  And isn't the mind a mystery onto itself anyway?  But... I've seen enough to feel the forces exist to assist.  Thank God.  I will not suggest anyone believe it its existence.  Whether others believe or not is their business, not mine.  

* See the post from November 1st, 2011

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