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Monday, July 16, 2012


Stephen King, Alan Moore, Joseph Campbell and William Blake all appreciate/appreciated flaws, grit, the need for change as portals for the divine.  Be it grains of sand in an oyster transforming into a pearl or the editing process of creative work:  The Call invites Grace.  We are not alone in the quagmire.  Powers greater than ourselves enter to assist.

If there's a stone in your shoe sometimes you just have to pull it out and move on down the road.  Other times your job is to step outside habit, let go and partner with and listen to the accompanying force.

I feel how this is a theme in The Bhagavad Gita and I experience the story in a new way now.  [Wisdom contained within sacred texts sometimes enter awareness in between reads.  Insightful while reading, yes, but sometimes one drops into new levels of understanding after the book has been idle on the shelf.]     

To move beyond mind constructs with all its excuses, fear and denial is the practice, or at least a beginning?

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