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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Mysore"/Individual Practice in the Park - Tomorrow morning from 9am-?

The weather forecast promises a beautiful morning.

The path is at the end of my street at the north end.  If you want to join us tomorrow let me know by 8:00am.  I will provide the street name, parking details and signs can be placed for you to follow on the trail.  

We enter, practice individually and leave the woods in silence.  Each person leaves when they are ready to do so. I stay until everyone has gone so no one is left alone (except for me briefly).  Come to practice asana, relax in savasana, meditate, read & reflect on something inspiring or write in a journal.  It is a time to be out in the "sand bowls" with safety in numbers*, to turn inward, rely on your own discipline, inner guidance and to enjoy the sand, sun, birds and flora.

* the majority of time the group is made of women - men are welcome to join the group!

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