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Monday, December 5, 2011

Personal Reflection Questions Regarding Practice

Below is a form I created within the first few years of teaching.  I used to pass it out as a take-home or in-class inquiry exercise. Isn't it helpful to know why we are doing something and what our personal aim is?


Definition of Intention:  plan of action; design.  An aim that guides action; object.

Personal Reflection Questions:
Please review and answer the following questions.  We will follow up with discussion so if an answer does not come easily leave it blank.

What was the initial inspiration to practice yoga or what aspect or change or result keeps me coming back to yoga?

What asana within my regular range of practice do I find most challenging?

What mindfulness concept is a challenge for me?

Have I been working with a mindfulness concept recently?
Yes, I am working with a concept/ideal/kriya and it is ______________________.
No and the mindfulness concept I wish to cultivate is __________________________________________.
(Please describe what it is if you do not know the specific term.)

Clearly write your intention(s) below.  Use wording that flows for you as you may want to memorize it or write it on post-it notes as a reminder.



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