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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A.R.E. Events

I've written about it before but here it is again.  The Edgar Cayce Foundation/Association for Research & Enlightenment on 67th Street is a wonderful resource for all things holistic. 

The daily free lecture is at 3:30.  Topics include Feng Shui, Meditation, Body, Mind & Spirit, Psychic Experiences, Stress Reduction, Dreams, Health & Diet. 

They also hold free meditation classes every Saturday at 11am and Sunday at noon. 

The annual membership of something like $40 provides not only discounts but a library card for one of the largest metaphysical library in the world.

I must say the people there are very pleasant and warm.  You will never be asked to believe in anything in particular.

Their number is 757-428-3588 if you would like more details. 

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