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Thursday, March 15, 2012

On resisting the urge to point to a particular thing as rescue

I've written about this before and will attempt again to put into words something I have (finally) learned along the way.  A wise teacher once told me to resist the urge to point to a particular person, place, thing or experience as the answer to the broad suffering we humans will often experience.  He encouraged me instead to adopt a broad view.  How right he was.  Note:  the word "encourage" has the word courage in it!  Getting out of your thought groove often requires courage.  Overriding the idea of your happiness depending on a particular person, place, thing or experience is indeed the work of buddhism, yoga, etc.  Perhaps I/we will not be completely free in this lifetime but consider softening the narrowing of your mind.  It is yet another practice to notice thoughts and ideas clinging to something or someone in particular as your savior.  I'm applying it differently but remember the saying, "the devil is in the details."  

Have you ever heard the sunscreen song by Baz Luhrmann?  This lyric comes to mind:  "Whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either."  Baz Luhrmann is stating the details don't matter as much as you think:


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