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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Contraction Following Expanded Experience

Having just completed Chapter 6 of Soul Without Shame: A Guide To Liberating Yourself From The Judge Within by Byron Brown, I am reminded of the phenomena of the rebound nature of enlightened experience.  But first, a little bit about the book.  If you pick it up, which I recommend, be sure to follow the advice in Note To Reader in the beginning.  In order to get the most of this body of work it cannot be rushed.  It not only contains text to read but it is to be absorbed.  And at the end of each chapter there are workbook-type questions and personal reflection exercises.  Regardless of whether you have this book or not, let's continue. 

To provide a foundation for discussion, there are many levels to enlightenment, most of which are beyond anything most of us could fathom.  But for our purposes here at least, any time one reaches beyond or out of their normal pattern, there is usually at least a sprinkle of enlightenment within the experience.

On page 84, Brown discusses the phenomena of ego retraction following expanded (enlightened) experience. In short, the unhappy ego turns on you.  I've witnessed it in myself as well as in particular people with whom I am close.  Have you ever had an inner lift or dared to take a new approach to only feel self-attack somehow, soon afterward?  Have you ever connected with another in a newer, "higher" way only to have them seemingly turn on you with either neglect or some level of aggression?  Well, it just may have been this phenomena.  Knowing this, I move closer to forgiveness, of myself and others when I suspect this sort of thing is at play.  As described in Luke 23:34 Jesus says:  Forgive them, for they know not what they do. 

Although not free from the judge that contracts after enlightening experience, I had the good fortune to have received instruction about this at age 30 by Kathleen Barratt during Breathwork training.  Yes, it seems too bad to have to somewhat warn the self after a certain "lift", with reminders to beware of the possible judge, that it may rear its ugly little head.  But, to do so will bring more, and deeper, understanding and yet another opportunity to step into the witness mind, the observer.  Again, the definition of yoga: The restraint or hinderance of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga*.

Work with this information as it makes sense to you, for the highest good, with harm to no one.  If you wish to discuss further, please leave a comment and we can discuss on the blog or email, phone or inquire in-person.

Happy practicing!  

*Patanjali's Samadhi Pada, Chapter 1, Aphorism #2, as translated by Dr. V.S. Rao of High Tech Yoga Institute:
YOGAH=Yoga; CHITTA=of the mind-stuff; VRUTTI=modifications NIRODHAH=restraint

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