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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

After a month of looking into Byron Katie & The Work here's a report

We're told being the witness to and asking good questions about stressful thoughts are important steps.  To use a metaphor, I took a dive into The Work with a rope tied around my waist.  It has been an interesting month delving into the world of Byron Katie.  I read Loving What Is, watched and listened to many hours of footage of Katie doing The Work one-on-one with people and have done about a dozen worksheets.  There has been success in loosening up perceptions, getting thoughts unglued from stress. 

I looked into the 9-day The School For The Work as a possibility for 2012.  With some research I came to the conclusion it would not be a good fit for me at all.  Testimony from past participants was mixed, some of which was simply alarming.

I will continue to incorporate the approach as a method of inquiry for myself when circumstances arise but will not go out of my way to suggest The Work to others as it seems to border on psychotherapy. Last week prior to getting a haircut I Googled "bangs" in an attempt to research such a style commitment.  One article said something like: cutting bangs, like using explosives, is best left to professionals.  The same holds for psychotherapy.  I speak from experience when I say receiving untrained counsel on deep issues can, at the very least, lead to years of confusion. 

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