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Monday, November 21, 2011

Highlights from this morning's Ceremony for Healing & Release

The weather was beautiful for the ceremony.  The jets usually do not fly over the park but this morning they did.  Fortunately the final fly over was at 8:55 as the last of us stepped onto the sand trail for the 9 o'clock gathering.  If they did fly over we would have made the best of it or maybe even incorporated the sound into our experience but the lack of roaring and being able to hear the wind and birds was preferable.  Pilots, thank you for tuning in to us!

I designed the ceremony, having pulled together elements from various sources.  There were 5 of us.  It was about an hour in time length.  The participants requested some details so here is an outline along with some of the particulars.   I will relay as much as possible in case a reader would like to replicate it.  There is power and the potential for transformation when people gather with loving intention. 

Welcome, opening greeting, purpose

Brief introduction to the power of circles, especially when people come together in a circle.  Showed the colored photographs of circles & spheres found in the art of various religious & spiritual traditions and cultures as seen in Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth (colorplates between pages 108 & 109).  At the top it reads:  "The whole world is a circle.  All of these circular images reflect the psyche."

Receptive Silence, 3 chimes of bells

The meaning of Namaste is spoken out loud:  I honor the place in you that is of light, of truth and of peace.  When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, WE ARE ONE.

We each poured different colored sand into 1 vessel (a loose reproduction of Buddhist monk's sand manadalas).

Poem (I did not write it.  When I find the author I will edit this post):

Tree song
Pruning is over-
now begins the growing.
Call forth energy
from deep roots,
stretch limbs,
feel buds begin to swell,
reach for wind and sun.

As you leaf,
understand that
under your green canopy,
flowers will grow in your shade,
and even in winter,
roots will store food
to feed the burst
of spring.
So in fall, paint your colors boldly,
brilliant reds and golds,
and put your seeds to slumber,
preparing for spring.

In your time of flowering,
or with naked branches,
do not fear the rain,
or the coldest winds,
but stand tall,
look to the horizon,
watch the sun set
and the sun rise.
From your center,
feel each fracture in your bark
find its way to heal.

Remember this:
Leaves know
when they must fall,
and when to bud,
just as the seed knows
when to put forth its first true leaves.

Write down on a small piece of paper what you wish to heal, release, purge, let go of, invite in, move beyond.

Share out loud, only as much as comfortable. 

Roll the small paper, tie to the single oak branch being passed around.   Oak represents strength & stability according to Celtic tradition.

The branch is placed in the center and lit to burn:  element of fire.  I put in some sage a friend brought back from Sedona.

As it burns we pour and drink (today we had sparkling apple cider).  The liquid represents the water element washing away, cleansing the past. 

As it continues to burn we close our eyes in receptive silence, eventually randomly speak out loud single words of empowerment and transformation.

Silent observance for another:  a period of reflection, prayer to an individual or group of people not present but elsewhere and perhaps in need of loving energy.

Once the little fire is out and all the paper burned, the sand vessel is passed around the circle and stirred by each participant.

In a little bag there are about 50 single words or short phrases on tiny pieces of paper, such as: 
God    Jesus   Buddha     Breath   Hope   Spirit    Life  Change  Guidance   Intuition   Truth        Relaxation  Willingness    Acceptance   Yaweh   OM   Love   Let Go  Release  Next Step    Transition     Now   The Present    Love What Is  Surrender    Open To    Faith    Trust   Receptive To The Mystery
Healing  Light  Grounded   Inspired  Energy    Forgiveness  Release  Outgrow    Outgrowth       Moving Forward    Moving On    Growth   Pruning     Deep Roots   Understanding  Centered   Loving   NOW   OM   Earth   On the Horizon   Sing a New Song   Blossom   Wisdom   Divine              Divinity    Angels  Flowering

There are duplicates of each word in case 2 participants want the same.

Everyone gets a square of foil.  The following is placed within it:  selected single words/short phrases on tiny paper, colored sand from the vessel, ashes from the fire.  Some people chose to include things from our surroundings:  sand, leaves, acorn.  The foil is folded/bundled, tied with string with a sprig of ivy (representing determination, change, patience) and a sprig of holly (action & passion).

Participants are to place this little foil bundle on their alter or special spot at home and release the contents whenever they desire:  sprinkled to sea, buried in a garden, etc.  Maybe in a week, perhaps in 5 years.

The remaining ashes are dumped and buried in the sand.

Three rings of the bell to close the circle.

Fun!  Our group was casual and not overly stoic, which was lovely.  Sacred space was observed with room for flow, laughter and joy.

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