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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Riley's Rainbow

With my friend "M" I co-founded and was involved in a year-long photo group where we would pick a theme-of-the-week, take photos and share our final selection online with the others. Since rainbows are not easy to come by it was decided in the beginning that a photo of a rainbow would be one that would be a floating theme, to be taken and shared whenever one of us saw one.
In the month of June M's dog died. The dog, who was not old, had become ill very suddenly and died within weeks of the onset of symptoms.
That's the background.
Early July I was out in the country. There was a real estate listing for an old building. Simply curious and not really serious I felt like taking a look. I took my dog along for the 15 minute ride. After walking around, peering in windows and looking at the crumbling building, curiosity was satisfied and it was time to go. In the driver's seat, wanting to pull out to the left, my dog's head blocked my left-side view. Instead of risking the (remote) possibility of a car coming around the bend to my left I pulled right out on to the road, deciding to go up a ways to then make a u-turn to come back where it was safe. I carried out this plan going up a hill to an area of open farmland divided by the main road. Using a dirt farm road to turn around I was ready to get back on the main road when I saw a rainbow right in front of my eyes. I had brought my camera to photograph the building for sale so photographing the rainbow was easy.
I uploaded the photo for the photo group. Little did I know less than 24 hours earlier M had been sitting at a traffic light, grieving for her dog and had asked for a rainbow as a sign from/on behalf of her dog Riley. When we discussed our amazement of this all coming together it was noteworthy that it was my dog who caused me to drive up the hill to the farmland area where the rainbow could be seen. If it were not for my dog I never would have seen Riley's Rainbow.

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