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Monday, November 21, 2011

Transcendent Discoveries: Ceremony House & Healing Time

It would be interesting to offer ceremony with a variety of elements and props available for healing, release, overcoming stumbling blocks, honoring transitions, phases of commitment in relationships or business, possibly legal marriages which I trained in with Celebrant Institute.

I like this name for the business/non-profit...

Transcendent Discoveries:  Ceremony House & Healing Time
It has an intent-space-time quality to it.

Again, everything starts someplace.  As Alan Moore says in the documentary The Mindscape of Alan Moore a stream of ideas are just "out there" waiting to be grabbed and developed.   As for the idea above it should be mentioned My Dinner With Andre is one of my favorite movies.  The stories Andre tells about the rituals in the forest were enthralling.

My dream job would be that of Talamanic Hermit!

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