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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Om Gym

As a Christmas gift in 2008 I asked for and received an Om Gym from my husband. I was considering a yoga wall but stumbling upon the Om Gym the choice was a no-brainer. An Om Gym is about $200, easy to install and the portability allows for inverting from a strong tree branch or a child’s jungle gym. They even sell a stand which I may buy someday. My husband implanted 2 long eye bolts into the ceiling of my practice room which run up through to the attic. It may seem obvious but control is key to not injuring yourself while moving on the Om Gym since you must protect your joints. The relationship to gravity is very different and there is the potential of opening a joint too fast, too soon. And… I have never injured myself on the Om Gym over these last 3 years.

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