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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Musings on Mystics

Some geographic areas are more comfortable for the mystic and experiential types:  Burlington, VT and Chapel Hill, NC come to mind for me.  Maybe it's good to be out of the comfort zone in order to bring and offer what's needed?  PETA is best located in Norfolk, VA rather than say, San Francisco?
It's an interesting thing to be outside the box by being right-brained.  [It would be easy to say our culture primarily values left-brained activity and talents but judging by the lack of new young scientists in our culture such a statement would be flawed at best.]

Back in 2000 one of my yoga teacher teachers, Anna Gerard-Pittman, once said in reference to the yoga boom, "if there is a bar on every corner why can't there be a yoga studio on every corner?"  She made a good point.  If it is a departure from stress we're looking for, what's the difference?  To elaborate on this idea, is it any less or more absurd to watch an athlete run around a field with a ball than it is to watch your breath and concentrate on God?  How about paying $60 for a new sweater or receive a 1 hour professional massage?  There's no judgment here.  It all depends on values, which are personal.  I'm throwing out ideas.

Mystics have always been mostly underground, quietly doing there thing.  Now it feels perhaps with the storm of the materialism roar quieting down people will turn to quiet and inquiry.  Artists and musicians, thankfully, meet the middle ground, offering an approachable touchstone to the sweetness of experience.  [My husband and I concluded 20 years ago challenging times generates some of the best music.] Sure, there are teachers at the forefront reaching a large audiences.  As for the incomes they generate, let's not forget the above mentioned athlete is probably a multi-millionaire.  As for the possibility of cult-like following, have you seen the level of devotion to teams?  Again, no judgment.  We're looking at things form all angles. 

For the boots-on-the-ground mystics, what's next?  Whatever it is, I'm keeping on.  Thankfully, considering my introverted tendencies I have a few dear & cherished friends and a husband (a tech engineer by trade and mechanic for fun) who understand.

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