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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A year and a half of tarot study with a partner

A dear friend and I have been studying the Rider-Waite Tarot for over a year. To say it has been enlightening is an understatement!

First, I will explain the general structure. Each week we choose a different card, study it's meaning, apply the card to our lives for a week to 10 days and then discuss our experiences and observations. First, we went through the major arcana. We studied the suits of the minor arcana and specific cards for several weeks. All summer and into the fall we have been randomly/intuitively choosing 1 of 4 of the same numbered cards. Currently we're on the 9's. We're both intuitive types so we open ourselves to the selection process in a fresh way each week, finding a balance between our will placed upon the process and an openness to spirit to reveal to us ways to select the week's card.

Mostly due to the fact that my friend is a loving and beautiful person, this study has been incredibly supportive to my growth. By the end of the year we will move on from tarot and move on to Runes, I-Ching or a book on a particular spiritual study method.

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