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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Loving what is

I handle all the financial tasks for my husband's consulting business and the household. Today I received a notice from the department of taxation claiming I did not file the resale tax form for the month of May when in fact I had. My thoughts started down the road of grumbling about red tape and how I'd rather do other things, more worthy of precious time. Since Byron Katie's phrase "love what is" finds itself front and center right now I turned into the moment.

The tax department representative exonerated me from wrong-doing over Live Chat. The older I get and the more I open to what is the more magical events become. Maybe the rep has been met with non-positive energy all day. I sent him a smiley. :) While filling out the customer feedback I was honest, commenting on how efficient and helpful he was in clearing up the matter. The point is there have been many times, from small events to more memorable ones, where the seemingly non-positive later turned out to be for the highest good for all involved.

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