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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Woods Yoga

In May of 2005 I read (& embraced!) Last Child In The Woods by Richard Louv which I picked up in a New York City bookstore. Months later I shared the book with a friend and fellow yogini. As we walked the woods one day we discussed having yoga outdoors. Since the spring of 2006 the gentle yoga class has been meeting in a sandy, woodsy park.

Benefits of practicing yoga outdoors:
- Full spectrum light from the sun
- Fresh oxygen from the plants, trees, shrubs
- Giving carbon dioxide to the plants, trees, shrubs
- Feeling the breeze
- Hearing the song of birds
- Dragon flies landing on lifted finger tips while in yoga pose
- Acclimating to the season
- Body enveloped in soft sand
- The majority of students walk to class since they live in the neighborhood, thus it is a carbon-neutral experience for most, including me

If the temperature is under 40-45F or in case of rain we have class indoors.

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