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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Impartiality, Mediocrity, Forgiveness

It seems the idea of impartiality is seeping deeper into my awareness.  With moderation it has its place.  Things are getting a little less personal.  When I have the feeling of rubbing up against angst or resistance I'm learning to inquire into thought forms, turning them this way and that.  I've become more adept at taking a thought that is causing irritation and looking at it as a cubist painter or sculptor took subject matter and manipulated its perspective into something new.  The miracle is I'm seeing more and more of what comes to me as a mirror.  ESPECIALLY the irritations!  This is forgiveness.

For some people the art of forgiveness is learned within their family of origin, religious traditions or culture.  For those of us who did not necessarily learn boundaries and forgiveness we learned instead that the slightest irritation meant the source of the irritant was wrong, bad, to blame.  Although this awareness may be beyond elementary to some all I know is here I am and I'm getting it, really getting it now and that's what counts. 

Mediocrity with respect to the idea of irritants is to bring about balance and stability.  I try to apply the same now to relationships.  Yoga has taught me to feel imbalance, such as to energize back when what is being asked of my body's energy is to reach forward; to feel energy drop down as the breath lifts up and to feel openness where the body is folded. Equalize, equalize, equalize.  The yoga tradition teaches the balanced state as the satvic energy.  This is akin to Goldie Locks' Satvic "just right."  The rajasic state is Goldie Locks' hot porridge or too-hard bed and the tamasic state is like her cold porridge and too-soft bed.  The definition of yoga is:  the restraint or hinderance of the modifications of the mind-stuff.  Again, it's about equalizing.

I'm learning the play between satvic-rajasic-tamasic energies as applied to relationships.  I can feel when I've done too much for another, especially when I wasn't asked.  As a "people pleaser" I'm learning to allow others to live their own reality is energizing for all.  When someone asks something of me I'm improving on feeling within and deciding before reacting.  Perhaps I move in their direction or not.  Perhaps I meet them where they are and assist or step back.  Saying no or changing my mind about saying yes is alright.  This is my experience and is not to say you may need to work the other side of the coin:  expectations of others.  It is yet another form of non-awareness.

Something to come of all this awareness is the deliciousness of honoring what I need in order to maintain a certain level of equilibrium:  exercise, proper sleep, periods of solitude & silence, time spent with good-hearted people, time spent in nature, and something big once in a while like not traveling for the holidays this year. Considering my right-brained nature, INFJ personality type, Enneagram 9 and so forth it is important to honor my Libra nature with equilibrium by not becoming TOO impartial. The only sun sign to have in inanimate symbol is Libra.  Closing off to become more hermit-like is not indicated! 

Thanks for reading a few of my thoughts of the day.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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